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The Outliers Project hopes to shine a light on the people that drive and inspire us.

Perhaps considered social outcasts at one point, these people are now driving innovation and pushing for change in thinking, products, and processes. The Outliers Project was started to highlight these individuals, who are not afraid to do things a little differently. From artists and musicians, to action sports athletes and community organizers, these individuals are all around us and are a driving force behind some of the most exciting innovation and creative feats. The Outliers Project is about seeing what you see, learning a bit more, and diving into issues and topics relevant to our lives.

Originally started as a project with Seattle based KIRO Radio, the Outliers Project has become so much more. You, and the people around you, are part of this narrative. We are all Outliers in one way or another.  A subculture that has had such a positive impact on us.

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