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“You have to disbelieve in the limits of the current reality to stand out” says Anurag Gupta (aka Rags) and this guy is on a whole different level than most… and you will love getting into this guy’s head, i certainly did!  CEO of Mypakage, Owner of The Difference Engine, disruptor and cultural engineer, Rags is a pretty insightful human and I’m already looking for an excuse to hire this guy.

You might get a dirty look if you ever refer to MyPakage as “just an underwear brand” to Anurag’s face. While MyPakage is a brand that has revolutionized men’s underwear with a combination of materials and design, it’s what the brand is doing outside of product that’s really making waves. Their mission is to build the world’s best company, and they’re working on it with the belief that you can’t just preach it—you have to live it.

In today’s podcast, hear from Anurag firsthand about his ambitious goals and what he and The Difference Engine are doing to make it happen, as well as some very inspiring and insightful commentary about what it takes to create a brand that will make a difference. One could say that Anurag and The Difference Engine are here to flip the world of better brands upside down. He says, “There doesn’t have to be something wrong in order to want to do it better,” and that quote pretty much perfectly summarizes his philosophy.

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