At first glance Cindy Whitehead might appear to be your typical Southern California girl, but upon a quick Google search you will find that this woman is not even close… she is an extraordinairy human and without a doubt an outlier.  Cindy is a former pro skateboarder and one of the only women ever to be featured riding vert in the centerfold of a skateboarding magazine.

In the 70’s, at age 15, Cindy picked up her first skateboard. Though still in its adolescence, skateboarding was experiencing large growth due to a number of factors, including growing numbers of concrete skateparks, exposure of the sport in magazines and movies, and innumerable others. Cindy’s newfound passion couldn’t have been timed any better, by 17 she turned pro and was ranked the #1 female skater in the United States for pool riding and halfpipe. Naturally, as vert came into the picture, she made her moves and established herself as the only female to be featured in the centerfold of a top skateboarding magazine. Crazy huh? It doesn’t stop there though.


In 2013, Cindy was one of a select group honored at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., for the key role she played as a woman in the sport of skateboarding. As part of her contribution, she donated some of her memorabilia to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s sports collection.

Among her stacked list of accomplishments, she recently collaborated with Dusters California on her “Girl is not a 4 letter word” skateboard. In 2012, she took a two-minute stroll down a stretch of the 405 Freeway in Southern California during Carmageddon II when a ten-mile stretch of one of America’s busiest freeways was closed down for construction. From groups of rollerbladers, to bikers and other daredevils, only a handful of others made attempts to jump on this opportunity. Somehow Cindy and her photographer escaped authorities and got away unscathed with a few photos to prove it!

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Now a sports stylist, she says her new career was a natural progression. Having been on the other end of the lens and experiencing firsthand the needs and demands of styling and working with athletes on shoots, it was natural for her to transition her career from one end of the camera to the other. As a leading sports stylist she has worked with Nike, the NBA, Gatorade, Addidas, and Levis, as well as athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Mia Hamm.

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