John Kaiser is one of those guys who has done everything and knows just about everyone in the industry.  Prior to stepping up as Managing Partner at MTN Approach alongside long time friend Cory Smith he managed the Team and Marketing at POW Gloves, and spent nearly a decade as Operations Director at Windell’s Snowboard Camp.

Revolutionizing backcountry travel with their 3-piece foldable climbing system, they are giving snowboarders the easiest possible access to the backcountry. In plain English, it’s basically the newest alternative to snowshoes and splitboards.  The differentiator is that it allows snowboarders to access backcountry terrain using their own boards. With no removable parts, permanent skins and lightweight design, they claim that its the simplest and most efficient way to walk in fresh snow.  Now in year 3, the duo has assembled a team of athletes and have made significant improvements to the system

Enjoy my fun little chat with Mr. Kaiser as he shares his journey in snowsports and gives us a glimpse into the world of backcountry access and starting  a business in a questionable economic climate…. a journey that all started with the release of the very first issue of Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.


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