Crispin Cannon

Crispin Cannon is hands down one of my favorite humans in the entire world. That’s all you need to know really… but if that’s not enough to get you to come back to listen to the podcast, perhaps his career as a snowboard photographer would wet your palate? He’s currently the Principal Photographer for Ride Snowboards and travels the world shooting with some of best on hill and off.  Perhaps his budding publishing career might interest you?  Getting his feet wet with Future Snowboard Magazine he is now a partner in King Snow Magazine, a subsidiary of King Shit Skateboard Magazine.  If all these things weren’t enough, he’s a husband, going to be a father in less than a month and as far as I’m concerned he is just getting started. Big things to come from this guy.

“There is really something priceless about being able to look back at a photograph after some time and be able to re-live that moment and I love to create that for people.”

Check out Crispin’s website or maybe Google him! Such a creative, kindred spirit!

A few of my favorite images from Crispin’s portfolio:


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