These “makers” of fine art objects and conceptual innovations have pioneered a genre of art and fabrication that was in my mind, no doubt inspired and influenced by action sports. From retail decor to branding and identity it doesn’t stop there. Known for their work with Seattle based clients Jewel, Westward, evo, Via6, Horses Cut Shop and so many more, these guys have carved out quite a niche for themselves.

For Duffy, Justin & Stefan much of their creativity spawned out of the counter culture of skateboarding, snowboarding and action sports where music, art and community became pillars for growth of an industry that was once just for punks and burn outs.  Peaking at 13 million participants in the early 2000’s, skateboarding and the culture that surrounded it was not just about 4 wheels and grip tape… national retail outlets began peppering the countryside, summer musical festivals featured skate demos and tv shows with dedicated programming infiltrated the air waves.  It arguably became more about the things on the peripheral than the actual sport itself.  Between skateboarding and snowboarding art began to drive more than just graphics on decks and boards.  Consumer goods like tees, hoodies, hats, and all kinds of merchandise was worn like a badge for kids looking to identify with this culture…as this culture.  Early brands like Powell, Alien Workshop, Vision Streetwear, World Industries, Blind, and so many more paved the way for the likes of Volcom, RVCA, and art based brands like Obey that stole the affection the folks looking for a little something more. The boys of Electric Coffin were certainly amongst some of those folks.

They have  come a long way from ducking lines, poaching pools and slinging snowboards now fabricating dreams for their clients. I find it most inspiring to see the pathways that so many have carved out of a seemingly niche space… filmers who are now working in Hollywood, athletes now on national television, marketers working for Fortune 500 companies and artists now dreaming up impossible wonders that become a reality for business owners and their patrons.

Check these guys out and make sure to give them a call next time you are doing some interior decorating.  Visit their website

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