This Ted Talk basically sums up what I have struggled with most of my young adult life, but it wasn’t until recently that i realized that what i had always thought and was told was holding me back would end up becoming an asset. I like many of you have been cursed with an insatiable thirst for learning new things, finding new ways to express myself creatively and challenging myself, which i continued to pursue feverishly in my youth. Each time i would take on a new endeavor or set out to perfect a new craft, though incredibly invigorated¬†by my new pursuit, i couldn’t help but feel the nagging from generation’s past, my folks and society telling me that im just setting myself back a few more years. It’s true that at some point that you have to be able to synthesize your multitude of interests and skills into some kind of actionable career path, but it’s clear to me now that my vast range of interests, experience and skills in fact are what have allowed me to become the person that i am today.

Anyhow, enjoy this talk… embrace that unquenchable thirst for knowledge and change but dont forget to¬†apply it!

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