What does Uganda, beanies, dreaming, and empowerment all have in common? Krochet Kids is the culmination of all of those things and they have an incredible mission to “empower people to rise above poverty” and they do so by selling handmade beanies and accessories.  They sell their beautiful garments to skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and fashion forward youth all across the globe.  In the beginning it was about creating jobs for generations of women in Uganda who grew up only knowing government camps due to a rebel army that had ravaged parts of their country and relying solely on the government and aid organizations for their every need. Now not only do they work with women in Uganda, they are also producing some of their garments in Peru as well providing numerous jobs in the US at their Headquarters in California.

Spending much of his youth in the mountains, Co-Founder Kohl Crecilius and two of his friends began crocheting beanies and selling them in their hometown of Spokane, Washington and it wasn’t until later in college when one of them traveled to Uganda and found something much much bigger that began to guide the journey that led to providing jobs, education and resources to women in Uganda and Peru and beyond.  They  formed a 501(c-3) non –profit to facilitate getting the beanies from Uganda to the United States where Krochet Kids would really take off.

Kohl and the entire crew carry a message of love and it’s so absolutely contagious!  You may not wear beanies but if you believe in empowerment, goodness and fun you will most certainly love these guys and their mission.  I am so excited to have Kohl on the podcast, check back soon!




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