Have you been wondering what this guy has been up to? I certainly had been wondering what Co-Founder of Contour cameras Marc Barros had been up to since he left the company in a timely manner before they closed doors in August of 2013.  Marc and his friend Jason Green had started the company back in 2004 and went head to head with GoPro and led the company securing a seat as No. 7 on the Inc. 500 and Washington’s No. 1 fastest growing company before closing it’s doors.  Now as busy as ever with a beautiful family, workshops and a column on Inc Magazine’s website, Marc is in the midst of a new project called Moment, a new “clip on” mobile phone lens company.  They just launched a kickstarter campaign that was funded within the first day and at day 2 had already over doubled it’s goal.  This guy is still as inspiring and inspired as ever and i somehow managed to get the UW Graduate, Entrepreneur, Father and inspiring human to give me 20mins of his time!

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Check out a couple of these articles on Marc and check back soon for the full podcast…

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