When Nasa left her job at Microsoft of fifteen years, she was giving up a life of security and certainty in search of something else. That something else was one of those careers that typically parents cringe at the thought of and will respond in a “thats neat dear, when are you going to get a real job”, when telling them about your new career move!  In her next step Nasa plunged head first into a more exciting life as an adventure filmer. Since making the transition, Nasa has filmed for National Geographic, Patagonia, OR, Black Diamond, Subaru, you name it… and her work that has taken her all over the world.

In the spirit of a true adventurer she set out to pave the way for others, as she is now the owner of the Adventure Film School, an organization that leads adventure trips for a hands-on filmmaking experience, intended for folks looking to break into the adventure filming industry.

Participants head out on multi week filming trips from the Cascades to Peru or engage in shorter workshops closer to home. The school takes a full systems approach and begins their trips with ample training and project prep. Before future filmers shoot their first frame, storyboards and strategy are planned to ensure a completely professional process from start to finish. Out in the field, students work on techniques and best practices for capturing the best content that they can. Once the program is done in the field OAFS instructors work with students for the full post production process.


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