Jesse Burtner & Bryce Phillips on the Changing Video Landscape

Ten years ago, a pivotal change in ski and snowboard filmmaking was happening. It was a transition period. You could buy the season’s latest movie on VHS or DVD—depending on what player you had—and that transition is happening again today. But instead of going from analog to digital, it’s going from digital to virtual. With… Read more »


Youth, Community Development & Action Sports w/ The Service Board

One of the things brought up about action sports is their individual participation. You don’t need a team to go snowboarding or to head to the skatepark—they can be done alone. It’d be easy to conclude that the lack of a team sports atmosphere would isolate people who would typically be labeled as “loners” by… Read more »

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    Rory Rogan from BePacks // Philanthropy & Sport

    It’s a model we are all familiar with by now thanks to Tom Shoes and we continue to see more and more companies that are about MORE than just sales. Rory Rogan started Be Packs as a senior at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Behind the closed door of his dorm room, Rory designed, sewed,… Read more »

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    Jackie Montgomery on Sports Broadcasting

    Jackie Montgomery is living out her hopes and dreams as a professional mic holder for Sounders FC, the Seattle Seahawks and so many freelance and contract gigs like um, no big deal, she reported on the halfpipe at the Vancouver Winter Olympics! If you already know Jackie or of Jackie, it has probably crossed your mind… Read more »

  • Outliers_ElectricCoffin

    Electric Coffin & Art in Action Sports

    These “makers” of fine art objects and conceptual innovations have pioneered a genre of art and fabrication that was in my mind, no doubt inspired and influenced by action sports. From retail decor to branding and identity it doesn’t stop there. Known for their work with Seattle based clients Jewel, Westward, evo, Via6, Horses Cut… Read more »

  • nasa koski

    Nasa Koski & The Adventure Film School

    When Nasa left her job at Microsoft of fifteen years, she was giving up a life of security and certainty in search of something else. That something else was one of those careers that typically parents cringe at the thought of and will respond in a “thats neat dear, when are you going to get… Read more »

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    New startup, Project529 aimed at eBay and Craigslist

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Project 529™ declares war on bike theft at the Sea Otter Classic by launching an online petition aimed at eBay and Craigslist. Portland, OR – April 17, 2014 – Last week, at the world’s largest bicycle festival, Cyclists were encouraged to join the war on bike theft by signing the online petition… Read more »

  • Crispin Cannon

    Crispin Cannon // Snowboard photographer and a whole lot more.

    Crispin Cannon is hands down one of my favorite humans in the entire world. That’s all you need to know really… but if that’s not enough to get you to come back to listen to the podcast, perhaps his career as a snowboard photographer would wet your palate? He’s currently the Principal Photographer for Ride… Read more »

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    Co-Founder of MTN Approach // John Kaiser

    John Kaiser is one of those guys who has done everything and knows just about everyone in the industry.  Prior to stepping up as Managing Partner at MTN Approach alongside long time friend Cory Smith he managed the Team and Marketing at POW Gloves, and spent nearly a decade as Operations Director at Windell’s Snowboard… Read more »

  • summer salad - hayley gordon

    “Summer Salad” by San Diego filmmaker Hayley Gordon

    Lordy lordy there are so many incredibly talented humans out there! Thank you to the lovely Miss Hayley Gordon for putting this piece together.  It makes me wish that it was summer already damnit! Featuring surfing & skating by: Taylor Beatty, Sara Taylor, Jenna Balester, Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres, Erin Ashley (Worm), Ornella Pellizzari, Alex… Read more »

  • Photo Feb 27, 3 10 52 PM

    Thomas Evans & Justin Sullivan – actually went out and joined the circus!

    Thomas Evans & Justin Sullivan are to say the least “outliers” having performed in Cirque Du Soleil for over a decade combined and making a living as circus performers, specifically in an discipline called “static trapeze” and are 1 of the only male, duo trapeze acts in the world performing at this level.  Check out… Read more »

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    Cindy Whitehead – Legendary Skateboarder Says, “Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word”

    At first glance Cindy Whitehead might appear to be your typical Southern California girl, but upon a quick Google search you will find that this woman is not even close… she is an extraordinairy human and without a doubt an outlier.  Cindy is a former pro skateboarder and one of the only women ever to… Read more »