Jesse Burtner & Bryce Phillips on the Changing Video Landscape

Ten years ago, a pivotal change in ski and snowboard filmmaking was happening. It was a transition period. You could buy the season’s latest movie on VHS or DVD—depending on what player you had—and that transition is happening again today. But instead of going from analog to digital, it’s going from digital to virtual. With… Read more »


Youth, Community Development & Action Sports w/ The Service Board

One of the things brought up about action sports is their individual participation. You don’t need a team to go snowboarding or to head to the skatepark—they can be done alone. It’d be easy to conclude that the lack of a team sports atmosphere would isolate people who would typically be labeled as “loners” by… Read more »

  • Steven Kotler

    Steven Kotler on FLOW & “The Rise of Superman”

    Flow is the foundation of the best that we can be, and my latest guest talks about his latest book and research that could explain what makes the “greats” great.  Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and Co-Founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. In my interview… Read more »

  • anurag gupta

    More Than Profit: Anurag Gupta on Building the Best Companies in the World

    “You have to disbelieve in the limits of the current reality to stand out” says Anurag Gupta (aka Rags) and this guy is on a whole different level than most… and you will love getting into this guy’s head, i certainly did!  CEO of Mypakage, Owner of The Difference Engine, disruptor and cultural engineer, Rags is a… Read more »

  • 1525308_10102667866930188_1323066905_n

    Kohl Crecelius of Krochet Kids International // Beanies that empower, people that love

    What does Uganda, beanies, dreaming, and empowerment all have in common? Krochet Kids is the culmination of all of those things and they have an incredible mission to “empower people to rise above poverty” and they do so by selling handmade beanies and accessories.  They sell their beautiful garments to skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and fashion forward… Read more »

  • outliers_megan-middleton

    The Death of Snowboarding

    There have been a lot of articles written recently about the decline of snowboarding. While these articles make some valid points, a lot of them seem to be coming with a “told you so,” tone. It’s one thing to read an article about the decline of snowboarding in the New York Times, and easy to… Read more »

  • oskar_endander

    Author, Skier, Entrepreuneur, Patagonia Ambassador // Stephan Drake

    Based in Salt Lake City, UT at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, DPS Skis was inspired by a vision to make perfect skis worthy of those who live and breathe skiing.  Founded in 2005 by professional skier and ski designer Stephan Drake and his partner Peter Turner the guys claim the title for the world’s first… Read more »

  • Olympic Nationalism and the Global Community

    Olympic Nationalism and the Global Community

      Every two years a rash of severe colds and fevers pop up around the world, and fortunately it’s not the flu. It’s the winter and summer Olympics. And with those Sochi games right around the corner, what better time to root for your country? Cheering for your country works great with some of the… Read more »

  • marc barros and molly hawkins

    Marc Barros // Entrepreneur & Co-Founder Contour Cameras

    Have you been wondering what this guy has been up to? I certainly had been wondering what Co-Founder of Contour cameras Marc Barros had been up to since he left the company in a timely manner before they closed doors in August of 2013.  Marc and his friend Jason Green had started the company back in… Read more »

  • lynsey dyer

    A “Pretty Face” & Shejumper, Lynsey Dyer inspiring ladies around the world.

    This week I was lucky enough to snag 20 minutes of Lynsey Dyer’s time as she made her way from one summit to another, chasing pillow lines for her film, Pretty Faces. In this podcast, Lynsey shares her vision for “women in action sports” and talks about her all-female ski and snowboard film which celebrates… Read more »

  • Pretty Faces All Female Ski Film - Lynsey Dyer

    Lynsey Dyer’s “Pretty Faces” | All Female Ski & Adventure Sports Film

    “Pretty Faces” is a film celebrating womens’ achievement in the mountains while inspiring girls of all ages to believe in their dreams.  Check out the Kickstarter and help produce the first all female ski film.  You have till January 16, 2014 to be a part of this game changing project!

  • mikey leblanc & scott

    POW Inc. Acquires Holden Outerwear

    Seattle, WA (December 20, 2013)  — POW Inc., parent company to POW Gloves and Spacecraft, today announced the successful completion of its transaction to acquire 100 percent ownership of Holden Outerwear. The transaction closed and became effective December 1, 2013. “We have vetted several opportunities in the past year, and Holden Outerwear met our criteria to… Read more »