Jesse Burtner & Bryce Phillips on the Changing Video Landscape

Ten years ago, a pivotal change in ski and snowboard filmmaking was happening. It was a transition period. You could buy the season’s latest movie on VHS or DVD—depending on what player you had—and that transition is happening again today. But instead of going from analog to digital, it’s going from digital to virtual. With… Read more »


Youth, Community Development & Action Sports w/ The Service Board

One of the things brought up about action sports is their individual participation. You don’t need a team to go snowboarding or to head to the skatepark—they can be done alone. It’d be easy to conclude that the lack of a team sports atmosphere would isolate people who would typically be labeled as “loners” by… Read more »

  • Mypakage on Outliers

    MyPakage – A business philosophy, a brand that will change the game?

    What does men’s underwear have to do with the culture and lifestyle of action sports?  Everything, according to what I extracted from my visit with MyPakage Co-Founder’s Dez Price and Dustin Bigney. I enjoyed (and suffered a little bit) a whirlwind 24hr road trip from Seattle, Washington, to Vancouver, BC, to join them for their annual… Read more »

  • agenda_emerge_logo

    Agenda Emerge Is Coming To Long Beach & NYC!

    Speakers include: Keith Hufnagel (HUF), Tom Campion (Zumiez), Greg Selkoe (KARMALOOP.com), Bobby Hundreds (THE HUNDREDS), Marc Ecko (Complex Magazine / Ecko Unltd.), Johnny Cupcakes, Jeff Staple (Staple Design) & Jon Buscemi (Greats Brand) hosting Tickets & Info: http://AgendaEmerge.com/

  • Brad_3_Jared Souney

    Brad Steward – Pioneer of snowboarding and one hell of an inspiring human.

    In my world, the name Brad Steward is synonymous to snowboarding, but for many this may be your first time hearing his name. All you really need to know is that Brad is a badass at life. He attended film school in Ventura, California, at the Brooks Institute and could’ve become the next Spielberg, but… Read more »

  • jeremy jones and molly hawkins interview

    Jeremy Jones – Deeper, Further, Higher….Outlier.

    Jeremy Jones is a pioneer and certainly an “outlier” when it comes to snowboarding. From being one of the first snowboarders to head to the steep mountains of Alaska, to ditching engines in exchange for splitboards, and getting us all gripped while watching his trilogy of big mountain exploration films, Deeper, Further, and the upcoming… Read more »

  • DGC 2013 inside shot

    Donna Carpenter on snowboarding, women in action sports and more

    Donna Carpenter and her husband Jake Burton Carpenter are the sole owners of Burton Snowboards, arguably the world’s leading snowboard company. Since 1982, Donna has held a ton of roles at Burton, which originally operated out of her Vermont barn and now has offices around the world. I was lucky enough to corner her via… Read more »

  • jabjabjab-righthook-720x434

    [Read a book] “Jab Jab Jab right hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk

    Okay, so i got invited to one of the Chase Jarvis Live events by my friend Kate and  she told me that this guy Gary Vaynerchuk would be speaking.  At the time i didn’t know who this guy was, but sounded like a fun morning.  Well now i know Gary, and probably secretly want to… Read more »

  • 522009_10101967176589174_750400630_n

    Kim Woozy from Mahfia.com Doing Her Part to Grow Female Participation

    Kim Woozy and her crew of ladies saw a gap in the action sports market and instead of waiting for someone to do something about it… they started Mahfia and have been #killinitsoftly ever since! They represent an unparalleled generation of females whose physical skills and individual style are matched by a desire to push the… Read more »

  • authenticity

    Authenticity is Everything – GroupY

    AUTHENTICITY IS EVERYTHING More than just a buzzword, Authenticity is the North Star in a landscape driven by commitment, progression and constant reinvention. From the clothes on our backs, to the content on our screens, to the terrain we ride and the heroes we embrace…originality and true passion transcends it all. Visit www.groupynetwork.com for more!

  • Doug and Molly

    Base Jumping, Wing Suit Flying, Bungee Jumping with Doug Frutos

    The term “action sports” is an interesting categorization. While it’s better than “extreme sports”, the term action sports couldn’t be more vague. Isn’t every sport essentially an action sport? When thinking of traditional action sports, typical X-Games events like snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, and surfing are the first that come to mind, but there comes that… Read more »

  • Maxx Von Marbod & Molly - Outliers Podcast

    Maxx Von Marbod on Building a Career in Action Sports

    Getting free gear and even getting paid to do what you love are a lot of people’s goals once they’ve been infected with their passion’s bug. Whether that is living out of their van in a ski area parking lot, camping for months on a remote Baja beach, or getting saddled up with sponsorships, once… Read more »