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This week I was lucky enough to snag 20 minutes of Lynsey Dyer’s time as she made her way from one summit to another, chasing pillow lines for her film, Pretty Faces. In this podcast, Lynsey shares her vision for “women in action sports” and talks about her all-female ski and snowboard film which celebrates womens’ achievement in the mountains, while inspiring girls of all ages to believe in their dreams.

Lynsey is clearly a talented athlete, but don’t be fooled by her physical prowess, she’s not just a jock. Lynsey is also a talented artist, photographer, TV host, and as of late, a philanthropist. She co-founded, Shejumps, an incredible organization whose focus is to increase female participation in outdoor activities.

We accomplish this by creating high-visibility “Get the Girls Out!” events, outdoor education, youth initiatives, and grassroots recreational gatherings. The SheJumps community consists of females of all backgrounds and ages who help one another reach their highest potential through outdoor adventures and education.

She has appeared in various ski films over the years, such as Warren Miller’s Children of Winter and has skied some of the gnarliest, most unlikely terrain from Alaska to India. With support from the likes of First Ascent, Eddie Bauer, Fischer, Gordini, Recco, Jackson Hole, Black Diamond, and Asterik, I have come to understand that Lynsey embodies what “beauty” really is. Not just athleticism, but strength in character, Lynsey stands for what she believes in. She is certainly an inspiration for women and an inspiration to me.

With only a couple days left on her Kickstarter campaign, this girl is making big moves and needs your support!


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