Skate for the Cure is hosting an amateur street competition and the first-ever Super Ramp contest in Bellevue, WA. Skate for the Cure is a fundraiser to help save the lives of young boys with A.L.D. and a celebration of the city of Bellevue Skate Park’s 20-year anniversary. With a massive roster of pros going out of their way to come, a grip of cash and prizes, and the Northwest’s first Super Ramp, the second annual Skate for the Cure event is going to be bigger and better than ever.

An event this size is a huge undertaking, and large-scale non-profit skate events are few and far between these days. Lots of non-profit events are just about finding a space that will draw a large crowd, taking in a ton of sponsor dollars, and putting up some banners. Skate for the Cure is doing it all from scratch, so we caught up with event organizer, Joe Moorman about how special of an event this is going to be. He recently took a break from his non-stop planning to answer a few questions about this year’s event.

Skate for the Cure is incorporating a Super Ramp into the contest this year? For people who have never seen one before, exactly how “super” is this ramp?
The Super Ramp is 200′ long, it has a 40′ roll-in and a 20′ quarter pipe with a 28+’ gap.

That sounds pretty mega, what is the set up process like for the Super Ramp? Does it take a long time? 
The ramp is prefabricated and it is has been used in international Mega Ramp Events. It has been designed to be assembled by a crew of 10 guys in about 4 days!

What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s Skate for the Cure event?
Wow where to begin! It’s the first time something like this has been done, so we hope it will bring a lot of attention to the bigger cause behind the giant ramp, which is ALD. As far as the event goes, I’m excited about the first ever highest air and lip trick contest on a Super Ramp. I’m excited to see all the up-and-comers battle it out with the seasoned pros on the ramp, I’m really excited to reunite with all the people who were a part of the Bellevue Skate Park 20 years ago, and I’m really looking forward to helping motivate the next generation about what’s possible.

Aside from the Super Ramp, what else is going to be going on at Skate for the Cure?
We have a bunch of bands playing, including the Thermals and all the kids in School of Rock, over 40 vendors and food trucks, games, slides, a silent auction, and let’s not forget the $10,000 street amateur competition with 5 divisions, including a Girls division for $2500 and a Tricks for Ca$H event for $600!

If people can’t make it to Skate for the Cure, is there another way they can participate in raising money for ALD?
Yes, they can donate on the web site or to the Zakes Foundation. Their goal is to implement newborn screening programs for the early detection of ALD, which would potentially save thousand of lives.

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