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Thomas Evans & Justin Sullivan are to say the least “outliers” having performed in Cirque Du Soleil for over a decade combined and making a living as circus performers, specifically in an discipline called “static trapeze” and are 1 of the only male, duo trapeze acts in the world performing at this level.  Check out my podcast with Duo XY, it will make you wish you had gone out and joined the circus! …. and no, i don’t just talk about their insanely chiseled abs throughout the entire podcast!

A little background on the guys.  Both started gymnastics at a young age but never thought that it’d would turn into a career. Thomas had slowly transitioned from extra curricular gymnastics into diving and went down the road of building a collegiate career thinking that the future lie there for him.  After being introduced to cirque at about 16 he was interested in learning more and with a little research he found SANCA, a Seattle based school for circus arts which opened opportunities for him, including an act in Cirque Du Soleil.  That was the turning point for Thomas.

After trying his hand at soccer, Justin was introduced to gymnastics thru a tumbling class where he eventually got into trampoline.  He participated at a competitive level for the Junior National Team for several years and at 16 while at a competition in Vegas Justin saw his first Cirque show.  He saw how they would take sports focused athletes and turn them into artists and acrobats in shows. Clearly enthralled, he began to pursue circus arts.  Eventually Justin decided that he was going to quit school and he told his family that he was joining the circus.  To hear about Justin’s grandmother calling the FBI when he broke the news to them, you won’t want to miss this episode of Outliers Podcast!


Photo by: Nakeen Wickliff 

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