One of the things brought up about action sports is their individual participation. You don’t need a team to go snowboarding or to head to the skatepark—they can be done alone. It’d be easy to conclude that the lack of a team sports atmosphere would isolate people who would typically be labeled as “loners” by society. To the contrary, these individual sports seem to unite their participants more than ever. Whether your circle of friends has grown to include many who share your same passions or you’ve found role models within those activities, action sports have been great at unifying people.

From mentorship networks, environmental and social activism, or simply a new group of friends to ride with, this unification has bred many organizations over the years that give back to the community. One of those groups, The Service Board, has been working since 1995 to introduce snowboarding and skateboarding to kids who wouldn’t normally have that experience. Their mentorship programs focus on action sports, community service, and social justice. The Service Board mentors teenagers to help them conquer personal and cultural challenges through public service and outdoor adventure.

In today’s podcast, TSB Executive Director, Ashley Miller, and Program Coordinator, Khalil Equiano talk about the benefits of The Service Board, what they’ve gotten from TSB, ways to get involved, and more. One of the best things about TSB is that they are not the only ones using action sports to give back to their community. See below for a list of other non-profits who are working to make a positive change through youth and action sports, and remember that they are always looking for solid volunteers.

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