Jesse Burtner & Bryce Phillips on the Changing Video Landscape

Ten years ago, a pivotal change in ski and snowboard filmmaking was happening. It was a transition period. You could buy the season’s latest movie on VHS or DVD—depending on what player you had—and that transition is happening again today. But instead of going from analog to digital, it’s going from digital to virtual. With… Read more »


Youth, Community Development & Action Sports w/ The Service Board

One of the things brought up about action sports is their individual participation. You don’t need a team to go snowboarding or to head to the skatepark—they can be done alone. It’d be easy to conclude that the lack of a team sports atmosphere would isolate people who would typically be labeled as “loners” by… Read more »

  • 2015-10-25_2304

    Ever feel handcuffed by your many skills and interests? You may be a “multipotentialite”

    This Ted Talk basically sums up what I have struggled with most of my young adult life, but it wasn’t until recently that i realized that what i had always thought and was told was holding me back would end up becoming an asset. I like many of you have been cursed with an insatiable… Read more »

  • logic

    Tales from an Outlier: John Logic on Taking Chances

    John Logic built a life and lifestyle our 14-year-old selves could have only dreamt of. From a career as a radio disc jockey and opening Seattle’s first snowboard shop, Snowboard Connection, to uniting a community, John helped pioneer an industry that many thought and hoped was just a phase. For those of you who were… Read more »

  • b4bc-liza

    Boarding for Breast Cancer: One of the Original Action Sports Non-Profits

    Liza Tagliati from Boarding for Breast Cancer connected with us to talk about how B4BC started and how it evolved to where it is today. With a lot of other non-profits are trying to look to action sports as a way to reach the youth market, how can B4BC remain unique and impactful to youth? Has… Read more »

  • Blue Montgomery

    Blue Montgomery – Founder of Capita Snowboards & Defender of Awesome

    Quitting your job at 26, buying a house, and starting a snowboard company all within a couple months might be a recipe for disaster for most people, but Blue Montgomery has managed to make it work. As the founder and owner of Capita Snowboards, Blue has grown the company from a garage in West Seattle… Read more »

  • photo via Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech: Not Just Another Audio Company, Or is it?…

    With lots of companies hopping on the audio bandwagon, there has been an influx of new audio technology and design ranging from wireless headphones, portable speakers, and both loud and subtle style. Caro Krissman, founder of Outdoor Technology talks with us about how how they’re different from everyone else. Are they?

  • kc deane - pro skier

    KC Deane: Staying “Social” in a Media World

    *Photo by Ben Lindbloom  In a world full of professional athletes in all sports, it can be hard to stand out from the rest. Athletes have been constantly moving towards self-promotion on social media as a way to update their fans on their lives, interact with them on a more personal level, as well as… Read more »

  • megaramp

    Skate for the Cure is Hosting the NW’s First Super Ramp Contest

    Skate for the Cure is hosting an amateur street competition and the first-ever Super Ramp contest in Bellevue, WA. Skate for the Cure is a fundraiser to help save the lives of young boys with A.L.D. and a celebration of the city of Bellevue Skate Park’s 20-year anniversary. With a massive roster of pros going out of their way to come, a grip of cash and prizes, and the… Read more »

  • p 01 Daniel Clancey

    Homeschool Outerwear Learns About Starting a New Outerwear Company

      Homeschool Outerwear founder and Portlandia role model, Daniel Clancey, talks to Outliers about the joys and pitfalls of starting a new outerwear company in a world of giants. Stay tuned to hear from this outlier.

  • tanner_jevan-2

    Tanner Goods Keeps it USA Made

      Tanner Goods co-founder and our good friend, Jevan Lautz, talks to Outliers about the benefits of USA production and how Tanner can compete against bigger companies with overseas manufacturing…. or can it?

  • shaney jo

    Shaney Jo Darden – The face behind the “i heart boobies” bracelets

    As much as controversy can kill a company, it can also shine a positive spotlight on it. That’s what happened to Shaney Jo Darden’s Keep A Breast Foundation™, thanks to their “I Heart Boobies” bracelets. Since 2000, Keep A Breast has worked raise breast cancer awareness for a group who stereotypically tends to not think… Read more »